Get Woke! Waking up your witness

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God wants to wake us up! He woke me up through a dream, jam-packed with stimulating revelation that I am super excited to share with you! Does the world’s way of waking (or ‘woking’) you not working, Family? Need the real deal, The Father of all wake-ups? Wake up to the things that matter: those winning strategies, break-throughs, and wisdom-defining moments that God has prepared just for you!

Be prepared for a real wake-up experience with this week’s message, after rolling back the covers with one minute of intro music.

Join me every Wednesday from 7.30-8PM EST/6.30-7PM CST on the Stellar award-winning Soar Radio Network as we experience God as Elaleh (El-aw-lay’), God Who Ascends. You can listen in by downloading the app from the play store, or by visiting

For people who want to see “the more” materialize in their lives.

God bless!


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