Step into The Book of Anointings

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I am pleased to announce the release of my second book, The Book of Anointings. This book reveals 75 anointings (equipping) that are available for you, to step into your best life now. This is going to be a year of equipping like we have never seen.

Journey with me to this week’s radio message, as I read excerpts of what The Lord gave me, after walking through one minute of intro music.

After stepping into selected pages, get ready for God to fit and fashion you with who He called you to be, and what He called you to do. Download your eCopy today for just $5 at Get Ready to step into your banner year. Get Ready, Get Set, GO!

Join me every Wednesday from 7.30-8PM EST/6.30-7PM CST on the Stellar award-winning Soar Radio Network as we experience God as Elaleh (El-aw-lay’), God Who Ascends. You can listen in by downloading the app from the play store, or by visiting

For people who want to see “the more” materialize in their lives.

God bless!


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