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Greetings, I am very excited that you found me! In addition to being a natural father to my son, Joseph, and a spiritual father to many precious young men and women, I have been an educator for over 16 years, serving in various capacities as a business professor and dean of students both in k-4 and higher education.

One of my great desires is to help people realize why they were created, what they were created for, and how to step into and operate in their Divine Destiny and Kingdom eternal purpose. Let me help you step into who you were called to be for such a time as this!

Destiny Blog

Podcast: One Word Breakthrough!

Sometimes all it takes is one word to change and transform your life. Could that one word be waiting for you to discover, pick up, and use to break through? Let’s find out! Meet me at for your weekly one-word breakthrough. It may just be the one word you need to change your current situation, or even bigger—to change your life. For those who desire the “more” to manifest every day, with nothing missing, nothing lacking, and no sorrow added.

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