Spring forth this Spring like never before!

 In House of Dates

While Spring may be coming right around the bend in the physical realm, it already started this past Saturday, 3/17, with the advent of Nisan, which is the new month of Spring according to the Hebrew Calendar.

It is so important that we align ourselves with the seasons, timings, cycles, and moves of God. There are certain days within each month that are especially powerful, and contain within them, a jam-packed potency that, when tapped into and activated, will position you like never before, both spiritually and naturally.

This week in March, beginning with the 17th, is one of these times. March 17th marks the first day of the new cycle according to God’s Calendar. It is in Spring where all things become new, and new life springs forth. The dead of winter has come to its conclusion, and the rhythm of new creativity and energy reverberates throughout the heavens and earth.

In Biblical times, each of the twelves tribes of Israel had a certain place, position, and purpose. The tribe of Judah, which means “Praise,” always went out first. March is linked to the Tribe of Judah, as it is the First Month of the new cycle.  Are you catching this, family? This revelation should most definitely put an extra spring in your step, and cause you to leap forward!

The intensity and level with which you spring forth into your new season is largely determined by your praise-ability.  Where too many people get it wrong is expecting God to spring you forward, when in truth, it is how you spring forth in your expectation of God.

You are the spring, and your spring-ability, the intensity with which you stretch out into new heights, your speed in which you break forth and emerge into your new season, is calibrated by your level and heart for praise unto God for Who He is, What He has prepared for you and in you for this new season, and what He is about to do.

Are you ready to spring forth this Spring like never before? Great! Then get ready to praise Him like you’ve never praised Him before, despite what may be going on in your life right now. As you break through with your praise, you will spring forth into new heights, new dimensions, divine connections, divine assignments, and enter into an amazing place of restoration and redemption.

Get ready, Get set, GO! And happy springing forth!

God bless you,


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