What’s on your Calendar?

 In House of Dates

Every date has a spiritual significance, in addition to many having a natural significance. There are numerous days that have been established, pre-ordained, anointed, set apart and marked as especially important.

The more we can understand and tap into these occasions, the more we can draw on and operate in the power that rests on each particular period.  We are called to know the times and the seasons to be able to function optimally and with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

There are also certain windows of time, draped with the perfect intersection of opportunity and access when we are to execute certain decisions and prepare for particular happenings.

Through this blog, House of Dates, learn how to reach up and tap into the power contained within the days ahead, as we step into the Ancient of Days and unlock time’s potential.

Are you ready to unwrap eternity?  Me too. Let’s get started!

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